Authenticating Social Media Sources

Want to integrate your Social Media Feeds into your app? Follow these step-by-step instructions!

Download a PDF version here - backstitch Authenticating Social Media Sources


Step #1: Authenticate within the Organization Dashboard

  1. Twitter DemoFrom your [Hamburger Menu], go to your Organization Dashboard.
  2. On the Dashboard tab, select the Social Media Source(s) you would like to authenticate.
  3. Enter applicable user credentials.



Step #2: Add Sources to a Topic

  1. From the [Hamburger Menu], select the Topic in which you would like to integrate your Social Media Source.
  2. Select [Edit] in the right corner of the banner.
    Add sources Demo
  3. Under Included Sources, select [Add More] or [Add Source] - both allow you to add your Social Media Source.
  4. Under the default External Sources tab, type your Social Media Profile URL into the Search Bar.
  5. Select [Add] next to your Social Media Source.
  6. Confirm that the Source has been added to the Included Sources and select [Done].



Step #3: Confirm Social Media Feed Addition

  1. Select [Done] at the bottom of the banner.
  2. Refresh your page to see your Social Media Feed!
  3. Repeat as needed across different Topics