April Monthly Post

Promote community service this month!

It is important to not only invest in your employees but also in the community. Volunteering can also offer a sense of empathy and create a positive impact on employees. Encourage employees to get involved with, "National Volunteer Month: Easy Ways to Volunteer your Time".

April Monthly Post

💡 Ideas to use "National Volunteer Month: Easy Ways to Volunteer your Time"

  • Send out a push notification, email, and Publish this Post on the home page.

  • Encourage employees to sign up for a National Volunteer Month Challenge. 
  • Create a new Team and Topic for those who sign up.

  • Within the new Topic create Posts about local organizations and how to sign up as a volunteer.  Allow comments on the Posts and encourage team members to comment on ones they are interested in, ask questions or post their own experiences with the organizations.
  • Create a Conversations Group for those taking the challenge to have them discuss their volunteer experience. They can also use this setting to find a coworker to volunteer with. 
  • Reward those who have volunteered with a pizza party or a fun event!

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